Thadlaskein Lake, Jaintia Hills

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Thadlaskein Lake is an extremely popular picnic spot for both tourists and locals of the Jaintia Hills. Legends say that this lake was dug using the end of bows, by 290 different tribes of people from Sajjar Niangli Village in order to escape the wrath of the then king of Jaintiapur. Till today, the people of the Raid Mukhala tribe worship this lake and perform sacrifice near it.

Apart from its historical significance, Thadlaskein is also a very beautiful lake and extremely popular for outing, picnic and boating. The lake is surrounded by beautiful meadows and river Myntdu. Several types of rare orchids can also be seen here. The flora and fauna of the surrounding areas are absolutely breath taking and a paradise for nature lovers.

Thadlaskein Lake is located 58 kilometers from Shillong, and only 8 kilometers from Jowai. One can easily reach this destination by booking a tourist vehicle from either of the two places.


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