Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake, Jaintia Hills

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Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake gets its name from the pitcher garden that surrounds it. It was built by the Government of Meghalaya (Soil and Water Conservation Department). The lake is conveniently located on the Jowai-Amlarem Road.

The carnivorous Nepenthenes Khasiana pitcher plants spread over a distance of 50,000 square meters. It enhances the look of the entire place as everything from the boat-house to the fountain in the center of the lake have been made to depict the symbolizing pitcher plant.

The lake consists of a green house, an arched bridge and graveled pathways. On a beautiful day, the placid waters perfectly reflect the image of the nearby hillocks. The lake is also apt for enjoyable boat rides.The Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake is also an ideal place for bird watchers as a number of migratory birds flock these areas.

The best time to visit this place is between November-June by a booked taxi from Shillong.




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