Khim Moo Sniang, Jaintia Hills

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Khim Moo Sniang is one of the popular tourist destinations of Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya. In the local language of the place "moo" means stone and "sniang" means pig. And this place gets its name from the pig-shaped rock which is set in here. The Jaintia community worships this stone as they believe that it has the power to protect them.

Tourists love to visit this place and pay their respect to God that the locals have so much faith in God. There are several food joints and small restaurants in the area where one can indulge their taste-buds to the local delicacies of the Jaintia Hills. There are also small shops that are built mostly of wood and bamboo, where one can purchase handmade local products of the region.

One can easily reach the Jaintia hills by taking a bus or taxi or even a tourist cab from Shillong.


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