Iawmusiang, Jaintia Hills

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Iawmusiang, also known as the land of the sacred stone, is popular for having the biggest market in Jaintia Hills. The place gets its name from the sacred stone that lies in the center of the market. At the local Bahdienkhlam festival, people gather around the stone and worship it.

The beauty of this place is enhanced by the cane bridges that are built by the Khasi and Jaintia people to cross small streams traversing around the town.

Iawmusiang also happens to be one of the best shopping places for visiting tourists. Several kinds of handicrafts, cane baskets, cane mats, stools that are extremely durable rain shields, sleeping mats can all be found here. There are also beautifully designed bamboo sticks which are used to make fishing traps. It is a town enthralling with life.

It is very easy to reach Iawmusiang by taking a tourist bus or cab from Shillong as well as from Jowai.




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