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Islamnagar Fort, Islamnagar

Islamnagar Fort is the most famous attraction that Islamnagar tourism has to offer to its visitors. The imposing fort has a history that is inherently related to Islamnagar. It was erected by the Afghan commander Dost Mohammad Khan in 1715.

However in the year 1723, when Nizam-ul-Mulk laid siege to Islamnagar, Dost Mohammed Khan was forced to handover the fort to the powerful Nizam after a brief period of resistance. The Nizam forced Dost Mohammed to accept a treaty and become a fort commander in his own fort.

Later, the Scindias occupied the possession of the Islamnagar Fort from 1806 to 1817. Finally, the fort was reinstated to Bhopal. The fort was built with amazing architectural splendour and expertise. In the present day, one can witness the grand remains of the Islamnagar Fort leaving a trail on the green farmlands of the village and talking about its glorious past.