Chaman Mahal, Islamnagar

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Chaman Mahal or the “Garden Palace” is an appropriate name for the marvelous palace built in 1715 by Dost Mohammad Khan, the Afghan commander who ruled Islamnagar for a very short time. The sandstone palace is a spectacular sight to behold.

The palace has a Sheesh Mahal comprising of twelve doors that stands with pride at the entrance. The main attraction of the palace is a brilliant garden situated in the middle of the palace, having beautiful fountains for company. The palace is an example of a rich blend of Mughal and Malwa style of architecture. The columns and arches are decorated with motifs of intricately designed flowers.

Tourists coming to Islamnagar should make sure to visit the palace once in order to witness a grand architectural beauty. Though the palace lacks some of the extravagant features of it’s hey days, like the fragrant water flowing out of the fountains, it is still worth a site worth visiting.


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