Chandra Choodeswarar Temple, Hosur

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The Chandra Choodeswarar Temple is a hilltop place of worship dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and his better half goddess Parvati. The temple gets its name form the name the locals use to refer to lord Shiva- Choodeswarar. Situated in the Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu, this temple was built by a king from the Hoysala dynasty called Thirupuvanamalla Barvatharaja Anthiyazhvar in 1260 AD.

Although this temple is different from the usual temple architecture of Tamil Nadu, it has an ancient history. In the Brahmanda Purana, there is a mention of this temple as Bhadragiri Mahatmiyam. This is also a famous pilgrim site and hordes of pilgrims visit this temple for various pilgrimages or theerthams like Jambava, Vrishabha, Maragatha Sarovaram, Pandava, Shivagangai and Hanuma Theertham. Apart from Lord Shiva, this temple also has dedicated shrines for Lord Muruga, Ganesha and many saints.

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