Shri Shwetambar Jain Temple, Hastinapur

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The city of Hastinapur is mentioned with great reverence in the Jain sacred texts. Starting with Bharat Chakravarti, it is the birthplace of six out of the twelve Chakravartis, besides Bhagwan Parsuram of Ramayana fame.

The historic Jain temple of Shri Shwetambar houses ancient idols. It remained in a state of neglect until it was visited by Acharya Vijay Samudra Suri Ji of Vijay Vallabh Suri Ji sect in 1960.

The great Acharaya got it renovated by constructing a pinnacle on it. He placed the main idol of Shri Shantinath Bhagwan which was flanked by idols of Shri Kunthunath Bhagwan and Shri Arnath Bhagwan housed in separate structures.

The significance of this temple can be imagined from the fact that the first Jain Tirthankar, Bhagwan Shri Adinath broke his 13 month fast here after taking cane juice from Shreyans Kumar.

The temple boasts of a grand paarna, or fast breaking- hall situated in front of it. It can accommodate thousands of pilgrims who come here every year on Akshay Tritiya to break their fast after a year long varsi-tapp.

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