Nishiyaji, Hastinapur

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According to scriptures, Lord Adinath relinquished his kingdom and entered the life of an ascetic. He led a life of penance and remained on fast for more than a year. Nobody offered him food to break his fast as people did not know the exact procedure of performing the ritual.

As he landed on Hastinapur, Shreyansa Kumar, the younger brother of the ruler of Hastinapur learnt about the ordeal of the Lord. He remembered the procedure from his previous birth and accordingly offered sugar cane juice to the Lord on Vaishaka Shukla Tritiya day.

Shreyas Kumar built a stupa and a temple to commemorate this event of breaking the fast. It is called parana-fast breaking- temple Adinath Nishyaji.He also engraved the footprints of Lord Adinath on a stone slab. The temple of Nishyaji is located near the Gang Naher or canal in Hastinapur

Thousands of devotees visit Nishyaji to worship the footprints of Adinath in the temple. The tempe also hosts an array of cultural programs during the Das-Lakshan Puja day, Akshay Tritiya Parv, Holi and Kartik Purnima day. A maha yagya is also performed in the month of March every year.


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