Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Guwahati

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The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located 50 kilometres from Guwahati in the Marigaon district of Assam. The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is especially known for housing a large population of the one-horned Rhinos Out of its total 30.8 sq.km area, 16 sq. km is inhabited by Rhinos. Since it is over populated with Rhinos, they are now said to be moving out of the sanctuary’s boundaries.

Apart from the Rhinos the major attraction of the wildlife sanctuary is the migratory birds that make this place their home once every year. Over 2000 migratory birds flock every year. There are several other animals that can be spotted in the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary such as the Asiatic Buffalos, Leopards, Wild cats, Wild bears etc.

The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary is between the months of October and April. It takes about one hour on the road from Guwahati to reach the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

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