Navagraha Temple, Guwahati

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Navagraha means ‘nine planets’. The Navagraha Temple is located on the Chitrasal Hills. To indicate the nine planets, there are nine Shivalingas inside the temple. Each Shivalinga is covered with differently coloured clothes, representing 9 planets.

It is believed that the Navagraha Temple was built somewhere in the 18th Century during the times of Ahom king Rajeshwar Singha and later his son Rudra Singha or Sukhrungphaa. The great earthquake of 1897 had destroyed a considerable part of the temple which was later reconstructed using iron sheets. It is believed that the olden name of Guwahati – Pragjyotishpura originated from the temple’s astronomical and astrological centre.

Another added attraction at the premises of the Navagraha Temple is the Silpukhuri, a tank which is perennially full. The temple is well connected to the other parts of the city.

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