Zoological Gardens, Guwahati

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The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the highlights of Guwahati tourism. Spread across 130 hectares, the zoological gardens is a storehouse of flora and fauna, housing rare species. It is also an unique zoo as it is spread around a natural forest. The botanical garden adjoining the zoo is regarded as the natural retreat to the growing city of Guwahati.

Several animals can be found to be living in their natural habitat in the zoo such as white tigers, leopards and swamp tapirs. One of the main attractions in the zoo is the great Indian one-horned rhinoceros and the African two-horned rhino. There are several rare birds that can be found in the zoo. The interesting thing about the zoo is that the animals are kept in more or less natural habitats and freely move around. The botanical gardens is home to more than 44 varieties of orchids.


















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