Kamakhaya Temple, Guwahati

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A visit to Guwahati is considered incomplete without visiting the famous Kamakhya Temple. This is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas according to Hinduism and is the counted among the most important pilgrimages. Located about 7 kilometres from the city centre at the top of the Nilachal Hills, there are ten individual temples dedicated to ten ‘mahavidyas’.

While the idols of Tripurasundari, Matangi and Kamala are found inside the main temple, the other seven forms are found in separate temples surrounding the main temple.

One of the religious festivals that take place at the Kamakya Temple is the Ambubachi Mela around mid-June. This festival is held to commemorate the yearly menstrual cycle of Goddess Kamakya (another form of Goddess Kali). Tantric saints from across the country visit the temple during this time. Durga Puja and Manasha Puja are also celebrated in the temple.

Tourists should know that only Hindus are allowed within the premises of the Kamakhya Temple.

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