Janardana Temple, Guwahati

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The Janardana Temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. It is situated on the Shukleshwar hillock near the Shukleshwar Ghat of the Brahmaputra River. The architecture reflects a subtle combination of Hindu and Buddhist styles enhancing its beauty manifold. It is believed that the temple was renovated in the 17th Century but was built much earlier.

The temple’s location is beautiful and almost perfect. It’s location on a hillock gives an overview of the River Brahmaputra. Tourists can enjoy the calm evening on the Janardana Temple while praying at the main hall of the temple.

Tourists can easily reach the temple from Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati’s city centre on public transport buses and hired taxis. The best time to visit the Janardana Temple is during early mornings and evenings as one can bask in the beauty of the sun rising and setting.

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