Ajrara, Ghaziabad

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Ajrara is a historical village in district Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. It is situated on the bank of Kali Nadi, a rivulet, which runs through this area. The village lies approximately 7.5 kilometers from Kharkhoda, its Tehsil Headquarter. It derived its name from a yogi-an ascetic called Ajaipal who raised a temple in the village and named it Ajaipara.

But the village has become a tourist attraction for a different reason. It is a home to famous tabla players who evolved a gharana-a style or a tradition in playing tabla. The style has come to be known after the name of the village and is, therefore, called Ajrara Gharana.

Ajrara Ghrana style of tabla playing was developed by two brothers Miroo Khan and Kallo Khan. They learnt the art under the tutelage of Ustad Sitab Khan of the Delhi gharana. The duo perfected the art of tabla playing to the extent that Ajarara Gharana has become one of the six major tabla playing schools/styles in the country.

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