C.S.I Zion Church, Dharmapuri

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There is a popular belief that the entire religious place has a historical significance of this town and this significance makes it famous all over the world. But there are some exceptions that have happened and one such exception is the C.S.I Zion Church in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu.

It is true that this Church is very auspicious in nature and thousands of pilgrims do visit in order to get a glimpse of the Lord. But one has to remember that this place is not confined only as a place of worshipping. The Church is very famous all across the state because of its social activities.

One has to engage oneself in a lot of social work in order to be a true human being and this service is done by the Church authorities. There are a lot of poor families that have been benefitted by the Services performed by this church.


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