Theerthamalai, Dharmapuri

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Situated in the Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu near Harur, Theerthamalai is a very famous pilgrim centre. Moreover, there are many who come to this place for picnic. There are five springs that flow from a steep slope of a hillock.

The name of the temple is originated from one of these springs. Lord Shiva is the preceding deity worshipped here. He is known as Lord Theerthagirishwarar. It is believed among the locals that the place is very sacred as anyone who takes a bath in the holy waters of the spring gets out of the sins committed by him.

According to the ancient Hindu mythology, this is the place where Lord Rama after killing thousands of demons in the battle field of Lanka worshipped Lord Shiva as he was suffering from sin. There are several bus services provided by the State Government to this particular route.

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