Adhiyamankottai, Dharmapuri

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Adhiyamankottai is one of the oldest forts in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. It is in the Dharmapuri district of the state. The fort has been built by King Adhiyaman, and he was one of the very last 7 benevolent emperors who had ruled the state.

The fort actually appears like a circular mud wall. Moreover, it does appear in a circular image when one searches it in the map. The place is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the entire state.

The fort passes through a lake and this lake is considered to be very auspicious by the locals. The fort was the residential place of King Adhiyaman and this capital was situated in the present Dharmapuri town. One gets absolute facilities as there are several bus and private car services that connect the place with the rest of the state.

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