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  • 01Ansupa


    Ansupa is a freshwater lake with breathtaking natural beauty. It is situated on the left bank of Mahanadi river in the Cuttack district of Odisha. It lies at a distance of 52 km from the city of Cuttack.

    The huge lake covering 141 hectare area is one of the major freshwater lakes of India. The lake with a unique shape of a horseshoe is a high point of tourist attraction. The beauty of the lake is increased during the winter season when the migratory birds take shelter in the lake. The Saranda Hills and the greenery of bamboo and mango trees standing nearby add to the visual attractiveness of the lake.

    Apart from the natural beauty, the lake also offers a few activities for the visitors. One can enjoy boating and fishing in the waters of the lake. The lake can be visited throughout the year.

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  • 02Lalitgiri


    Lalitgiri is situated at a distance of 62 km from Cuttack. The place holds attraction as a pilgrimage site for the followers of Buddhism. It is also a famous tourist destination. Lalitgiri is known as the place where a wonderful Buddhist monastery once flourished. Along with Ratnagiri and Udaygiri, Lalitgiri forms the Diamond Triangle. These three hills preserve the ruins of the Buddhist monastery.

    The place is surrounded by greenery. The place holds appeal as it has lots of ancient stupas, sculptures and caves, giving it an ancient feel even in this Modern Age. The 1st century complex also holds attraction for the archaeologists.

    One of the major attractions of the place is a large statue of Lord Mahavira, situated on top of the Pushpagiri hill. It is considered a brilliant work of Buddhist architecture. A museum situated at Lalitgiri displays several architectural remnants that were found in Lalitgiri during excavations.

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  • 03Barabati Stadium

    Barabati Stadium is situated in the city of Cuttack. It acts as the home ground for players of the cricket team of Odisha. The stadium is managed by Odisha Cricket Association. The Barabati Stadium is one of the oldest cricket grounds in India.

    The stadium has hosted several touring sides like the West Indies team and the Australian team. The stadium is equipped with floodlights for day and night games. It is one of the popular venues for One Day International (ODI) matches played in India. A few top football matches have also been played in the Barabati Stadium. It has hosted a couple of test matches.

    The stadium holds the distinction as the place where the great cricket legend from India, Kapil Dev, bagged his 300th test wicket of Rumesh Ratnayake from Sri Lanka. Another great cricketer from India, Dilip Vengsarkar, scored his highest test score of 166 runs against Sri Lanka on the ground of the Barabati Stadium.

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  • 04Choudwar


    Choudwar is located at a distance of 10 km from the city of Cuttack. The place holds importance as a religious and historical site.

    Choudwar used to be a thriving city once. Odisha’s Somakuli Keshari kings made Choudwar their capital and carried out their administrative duties from there.

    It is believed that this city is the place where the epic heroes of Mahabharata, Pandava brothers along with Draupadi, took refuge during their days in exile.

    The place is famous for the presence of eight Peethas dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. Due to this reason, this place is visited by devotees in a large number. These Shiva Peethas were established by the kings of the Keshari dynasty. Though the Peethas are no longer in an intact state, still devotees visit the remnants of these Peethas to show their mark of respect for Lord Shiva.

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  • 05Cuttack Chandi Temple

    Cuttack Chandi Temple is situated in the surrounding area of Cuttack. This is an ancient shrine dedicated to Goddess Chandi, the reigning deity of Cuttack. The temple is nestled on the banks of river Mahanadi.

    The temple is famous among the devotees, who flock to the temple throughout the year. The temple witnesses a huge number of devotees coming to the shrine to chant prayers daily. The goddess of the temple is worshipped as an incarnation of Durga during the Durga Puja every year. Durga Puja is celebrated in a large scale in the temple annually.

    The festivities are observed for 16 days, starting from the dark fortnight of Ashwina Krishna Ashtami and continue till Vijaya Dashami. The goddess of the temple is also known as Maa Katak Chandi amongst the locals. The temple is believed to be about 300 years old. The architecture of the temple is a splendid sight.

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  • 06Dhabaleswar Temple

    Dhabaleswar Temple

    Dhabaleswar Temple is situated at a distance of 27 km from Cuttack. The temple was constructed in the 16th century. It is a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

    The temple is located on the banks of river Mahanadi. Apart from the wonderful natural surroundings of the temple, the architecture of the temple complex is also quite impressive. The temple has beautiful stone carvings.

    The atmosphere in and around the temple is calm and peaceful. Tourists flock the temple to witness the splendid temple. Devotees visit the temple to worship the lord and seek his blessings. As a result, there is a constant stream of visitors to the temple on each day of the year.

    Lakhs of pilgrims visit the temple during the occasion of Kartik Purnima and Panchuka festival. There is a regular service of buses and hired cars to and from Cuttack to the temple.

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  • 07Dhabaleswar Beach

    Dhabaleswar Beach

    Dhabaleswar Beach is situated at a distance of 4 km from Cuttack, if the water route is selected, or 12 km if one prefers to travel by road. Dhabaleswar is a splendid island situated on the Mahanadi river. The uniqueness of the beach is that it is calm and serene yet adventurous at the same time.

    The name Dhabaleswar is derived from Lord Shiva, who is also known as Lord Dhabaleswar amongst the local people. The place is famous amongst the tourists as it can offer an atmosphere of relaxation to those who seek solitude and an atmosphere of adventure for those who have an enthusiastic spirit. The beautiful 11th century temple of Lord Dhabaleswar is situated nearby and attracts tourists throughout the year.

    The Dhabaleswar Water Sports Centre is another added attraction of the place. It is frequented by tourists from within and outside India alike.

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  • 08Netaji Museum

    Netaji Museum

    The Netaji Museum is situated at Oriya Bazar in Cuttack. The museum was inaugurated marking the 116th birth anniversary of India’s iconic freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose, popularly known as Netaji. The museum is housed in a 150 year old, two-storied building called Janakinath Bhavan.

    This building is the birth place of Netaji that has been converted into a museum to preserve his memory. The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has developed the museum. There is a media centre equipped with audiovisual, multimedia and projection system for screening video films on Netaji for visitors.

    Sophisticated lighting, innovative display system and high security are other features of the museum. The museum has an 18 room gallery. The birth, early life, role in freedom struggle, period spent as member of the Congress Party and the formation of Indian National Army (INA) and his role in India's independence are depicted in the museum.

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  • 09Freedom Fighter's Memorial

    Freedom Fighter's Memorial

    Freedom Fighter’s Memorial is situated in Cuttack. The memorial service was inaugurated by the chief minister of Odisha, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, in the year 2010. It was thrown open to the public on 23rd of January, 2010, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the great freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The memorial is located at the Old Jail complex near Dargah Bazar of Cuttack.

    The memorial has been established in order to pay respect to the brave freedom fighters of our country who laid down their lives for our independence. One is overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and patriotism while visiting this place. The place has well-maintained gardens. The abandoned Old Jail complex has been renovated to convert the jail into a place of tourist attraction. Photographs and memorabilia of the freedom fighters are on display at the museum.

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  • 10Banki


    Banki is situated on the right bank of river Mahanadi, at a distance of 52 km from Cuttack. The place is famous for the presence of the shrine of Goddess Charchika. Situated on a small hillock called Ruchika Parvata, the temple’s deity is highly revered by the local people.

    Charchika Temple holds significance as one of the ancient Shakta places in Odisha. The reigning deity of the temple is Goddess Chamunda, who has eight arms. The goddess is also called Maa Charchika Devi by the local people. The uniqueness of the deity is that the goddess is seated on a prostrate human body and wears a garland of human skulls.

    The place is visited by local devotees throughout the year. Often pilgrims from far and near come to visit the temple at Banki. Regular bus service is available from Cuttack to Banki.

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  • 11Bhattarika

    Bhattarika Temple, located in the Sasanga village in Badamba of Cuttack district, is a famous destination for Hindu pilgrimage in Cuttack. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Maa Bhattarika. She is worshipped as an incarnation of Shakti, the goddess of power, by the people of Odisha.

    The temple is located on the banks of river Mahanadi, at the foothills of Ratnagiri. The scenic beauty of the place apart, the temple itself is a majestic sight to behold.

    The Shakti Peetha Bhattarika of Badamba holds significance for the Hindus as legend has it that Goddess Durga had appeared and blessed Parasuram at the very spot where the temple stands today. The temple witnesses a rush of visitors and devotees throughout the year. Being a pilgrimage site, there are various modes of communication to travel to and from the Bhattarika Temple.

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  • 12Naraj


    Naraj is located around 14 km away from the city of Cuttack. Naraj is a famous destination frequented by tourists. The place holds significance as it was once a renowned centre for the study of Buddhism. People from far-off places used to come to Naraj to gain knowledge about the Buddhist way of life. The place holds attraction amongst the tourists of today due to its glorified past and the picturesque location and natural beauty surrounding the place.

    Visitors are treated to the wonderful sight of river Kathajodi having its origin from Mahanadi at this place. People throng in large numbers to this place to enjoy the scenic beauty. The place can be visited throughout the year. As Naraj is a well-known tourist attraction, there are comfortable travel options to reach the place.

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  • 13Satkosia


    Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 136 km from Cuttack. It is also known as the Satkosia Basipalli Sanctuary. It was established in 1976 in Odisha. The sanctuary covers an area of 796 sq km.

    The sanctuary is situated on the banks of river Mahanadi. The place is a delight for any nature lover. The sanctuary is situated in the gorge formed by river Mahanadi. A rich and unique flora and fauna is witnessed in the forest. The thick deciduous and Sal forests are also home to several wild animals like tiger, elephant, mouse deer, gaur, nilgai, four-horned antelope, sambar, sloth bear, spotted deer, leopard, etc. Various kinds of birds, reptiles, fresh water turtles, various poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, etc. are commonly sighted in this sanctuary.

    Trekking is allowed inside the sanctuary, which is a major attraction amongst the tourists visiting this place.

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