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Dhyanalinga in Velliangiri was established by Sadhguru in 1994. It was in the same year that the temple conducted its first program in which the concept of Dhyanalinga was discussed by Sadhguru for the first time.

A stone edifice of the linga was established at the Dhyanalinga Temple in 1996. The temple was accessible only to the disciples of Sadhguru until 1999. On 23rd November 1999 the temple opened its doors to the general public.

The temple has gained a lot of importance among people who are looking at reducing stress and anxiety in their lives. Plenty of people come to the place to meditate in peace because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere that exists in the temple. The temple is also popular because it does not prescribe to any particular religion and people from all religions are welcome here to spend their time and meditate in peace.

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