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Champawat Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Champawat

  • 01Baleshwar Temple

    Baleshwar Temple

    Baleshwar Temple is a beautiful shrine of the Champawat district. This group of temples was constructed by the kings of the Chand dynasty and is devoted to the Hindu deities like Baleshwar, Ratneshwar and Champawati Durga. The mandapa and ceilings of the temple are adorned with elaborated carvings.


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  • 02Ek Hathiya Ka Naula

    Ek Hathiya Ka Naula

    Ek Hathiya Ka Naula is a popular tourist attraction located 5 km away from Champawat. It is a uniquely carved stone structure, which is also famous because of the legend associated with it. According to the legend, the entire structure was carved by a one-handed artisan in one night.

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  • 03Aditya Temple

    Aditya Temple

    Aditya Temple is an ancient temple located in the Ramak village, surrounded by peaks, flower valleys and lush green forests. A large number of devotees visit the shrine to offer their prayers to the Hindu god, Surya. According to a belief, this shrine was built by the kings of the Chand dynasty. Tourists can also visit Adi and Bhumia temples located nearby.

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  • 04Lohaghat


    Lohaghat is a historical town, located at a distance of 14 km from Champawat. It is situated on the banks of the river Lohawati. Mesmerised by its beauty, P. Barron called this place the second heaven after Kashmir. It is a nagar panchayat of the Champawat district in Uttarakhand. Travellers can visit many old temples here, which are famous for celebrating various Hindu festivals with zeal. Holi and Janmashtmi attract tourists in large numbers from across the country. Tourists can also enjoy shopping in the Khadi Bazaar or visit the beautiful Galchaura, which is located nearby.

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  • 05Mayawati Ashram

    Mayawati Ashram

    Mayawati Ashram, also known as the Advaita Ashram, is located at a distance of 22 km from Champawat. It is perched at an elevation of 1940 m above sea level and attracts a large numbers of tourists from India and abroad.

    It was during the third visit of Swami Vivekananda to Almora, in 1898, that he decided to shift the publication office of Prabuddha Bharat to Mayawati from Madras. Since then, this monthly magazine is being published here. A small museum and library are also there in the ashram. Accommodation facilities are also provided to tourists on prior request.


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  • 06Barahi Temple

    Barahi Temple

    Barahi Temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess, Barahi, is situated in Devidhura, which is at a distance of 58 km from Champawat. Tourists can see large stones within the premises of the temple, which are believed to have been used as balls by the Pandavas (the mythological kings and warriors of the great Hindu epic, Mahabharata).

    The Bagwal Fair is held here on the day of Raksha Bandhan every year. This fair attracts people from Nepal as well as from several destinations in the country. During this festival, two groups engage in dancing, singing as well as throwing stones at each other. Each group is provided with a large wooden shield for protection. The participants do not care about the injuries due to the religious sentiments attached. This festival has been celebrated for many decades now, but there is no record of anyone succumbing to injuries.


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  • 07Banasur Ka Kila

    Banasur Ka Kila

    Banasur Ka Kila is an old fort perched at an elevation of 1859 m above sea level. It is situated at a distance of 7 km from Lohaghat and is believed to have been constructed during the Middle Age. As per a legend, Banasur was a demon killed by Lord Krishna.

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  • 08Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple

    Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple

    Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple is located at an elevation of 6000 m above sea level. This shrine is devoted to the Hindu lord Shiva, who is referred to as Kandev and Kurmapad by the natives. This temple is located at a distance of 6 km from Champawat.


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  • 09Chaumu Temple

    Chaumu Temple

    Chaumu Temple, dedicated to the Hindu lord Shiva, is a popular religious site, which is visited by a large number of devotees year round. Lord Shiva is worshipped here as the protector of animals and is offered bells and milk by devotees. The annual Uttarayani Mela is celebrated here on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Tourists in large numbers visit the destination to be a part of the Chaumu Jaat Yatra.

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  • 10Patal Rudreshwar

    Patal Rudreshwar

    Patal Rudreshwar is a cave, which was discovered in 1993. The length of the cave is 40 m and its width is 18 m. According to the beliefs, Lord Shiva meditated here to acquire salvation. Another legend states that the Hindu deity, Durga, appeared in the dreams of a native and told him the location of the Patal Rudreshwar. 

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  • 11Purnagiri Temple

    Purnagiri Temple

    Purnagiri Temple is situated at an elevation of 3000 m above sea level. The Hindu festival Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in the temple in March-April. During this festival, a large number of devotees visit the shrine to offer their prayers. The river Kali flows close to this shrine and is referred to as the Sharda river in the plains. Tourists can enjoy vistas of the Purnagiri Hill, the Kali river and Tanakpur from the temple.

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  • 12Gwal Devta

    Gwal Devta

    Gwal Devta, also known as Goril and Goll, is the deity of justice. There is a temple devoted to the deity at Gwarail Chaur. According to a folklore, the deity was the prince of the Katyuri dynasty, who was thrown into the river (as a result of the conspiracy of his stepmother).

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  • 13Pancheshwar


    Pancheshwar is located at the meeting point of the Kali and Saryu rivers. A dip in the water, where these two rivers meet, is considered holy by the Hindus. This destination shares its boundary with the neighbouring country Nepal. Tourists can see a 6000 MW multipurpose dam here.


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