Pipli, Bhubaneswar

Pipli is a small hamlet near Bhubaneswar. The village is famous primarily for its handicrafts. Pipli produces bright and beautiful applique crafts on various items like handbags, umbrellas, shoes, clothes, wall hangings, pillow covers, cushion covers, bedcovers, etc. But the one thing that catches everyone’s fancy as soon as they enter Pipli is the bright canopies. This form of handicraft has been a preferred occupation of the villagers for long.  

Even the kings of Odisha used to appreciate and encourage this beautiful art form. The craftsman selects beautiful patterns depending on flowers, birds, animals, trees, sun, etc. and then combines textiles to produce an exceptional design. The designs are then further highlighted by adding small mirrors to it. The village is often visited by the tourists who want to carry home souvenirs and gifts for near and dear ones or keep a colored item as a token of the days spent in Bhubaneswar.

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