Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar

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Bindu Sagar Lake is situated to the north of the Lingaraj Temple. It is amongst the most visited tourist spots of Bhubaneswar. The lake is also used as a picnic spot by visitors due to the calm and the natural beauty of the place. The Bindu Sagar Lake is a large one; it is 1300 ft. long and 700 ft. wide. 

The Bindu Sagar Lake also holds significance among the Hindu pilgrims. Every year, the idol of Lingaraj, the reigning deity of the Lingaraj Temple, is brought to this lake and the idol is given a bath following a ritual. The pilgrims believe that due to this effect if anyone takes a bath in the water of this lake, he or she will get cured from all illness. It is also believed that all sins get washed away upon bathing in this lake. This has increased the popularity of the lake.

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