Dhauli Giri, Bhubaneswar

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Dhauli Giri is a significant place of interest for tourists. The specialty of the place is that it contains a rock edict that was constructed by Emperor Ashoka from the Maurya Dynasty. This edict was installed around 3rd century. The surprising element is that the rock edict remains the same till date.  Dhauli Giri is an excellent destination for exploration by the lovers of history. The place offers a serene atmosphere and a beautiful view.

A visitor can easily spend hours sitting and relaxing in this place. It is presumed that the Dhauli Hill was the place where the Kalinga war was fought. Symbols of Buddhism are found in the place.  The top of the hill houses a gleaming white peace pagoda. This pagoda is a recent addition to the hill top and was built in 1970. The pagoda has added beauty and charm to the place.

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