Buddha Jayanti Park, Bhubaneswar

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Buddha Jayanti Park is dedicated to the teaching of Buddha. Odisha was introduced in a new way in Odisha after the Kalinga war. People were encouraged to think of the betterment of fellow human beings, as was taught by Gautam Buddha. To maintain the good work and teachings of Buddha, the creation of the Buddha Jayanti Park was sought by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority. 

Situated at Chandra Sekhar Pur and covering a huge area of 44 acres, the park is a majestic sight to behold. The park has been designed to be at an elevated platform. The Chandaka natural forest shares a boundary with the beautiful park. Tourists can enjoy a quiet walk or can sit back and relax in the shade of trees. The natural setting of the park and the chirping of birds can transform anyone into a world of complete peace and tranquility. 

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