Upper Lake, Bhopal

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Upper Lake in Bhopal has the distinction of being the oldest man-made lake in the country. The lake dates back to 11th century and is locally referred to as Bada Talab. The lake stands as a colossal bund over the Kolans river and is known as the most beautiful lake in India.


According to a local legend, it was King Bhoj who ordered for the lake to be built and the waters from the lake are believed to have treated the king’s skin disease. The lake has been built on a wide area and boasts of a large catchment area as well.


It is the waters of the Upper Lake that are supplied to the houses of Bhopal for drinking purposes. To make the lake attractive for the tourists, a beautiful garden, the Kamla Park, has been built close by and the park only adds to the overall beauty of the place.


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