Birla Museum, Bhopal

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Birla Museum, another offering of Bhopal tourism, has been constructed keeping in mind the need to let the world known about the cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh. The museum houses a variety of arts and artefacts that give the tourists an insight into the history of the state as well.

This museum in Bhopal is one its kind and is an important tourist destination of the state as well. The museum has on display many objects that show the history of MP from the primitive period and beyond. History lovers will be excited to see the many tools that are known to belong to the Palaeolithic and Neolithic Ages.

There are many stone sculptures also on display that have been dated as belonging to the periods between 7th and 13th centuries. Coins and manuscripts have also been uncovered, which probably are from 2nd century BC. Also, the museum has a superbly amazing scale model of Bhimbetka rock shelter that is bound to leave the visitors in awe.


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