Taj-Ul-masjid, Bhopal

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Taj-ul masjid in Bhopal is an important place for Muslims of the city and is also an important landmark. The mosque is one among the biggest and most beautiful mosques in the country and boasts of an alluring and majestic structure. The literal translation of the name means “The Crown of Mosques” and it is rightly so. The mosque is painted in a delicate pink colour and has colossal minarets with white domes.

The entire spectacle is breathtaking especially at night when the mosque is lit up giving the entire area an enchanting look. The massive structure of the masjid is an impressive architectural feat and has other features as well that only add to the charm of the place.

The mosque boasts of a huge main hall that is lined with delicately carved pillars and has marble flooring. A huge courtyard is the resting place of many tired people looking for a spot of shade to get respite from the scorching sun.


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