Chowk Bazar, Bhopal

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Chowk Bazar in Bhopal is a recommended destination for all tourists especially those accompanied with their wives or girlfriends. The market is situated in the Old City of Bhopal and is an amazing place to get some good bargains. The place has an old world charm about it with its ancient mosques and old havelis that probably housed nautch girls of yesteryears.

From the chowk one can easily get embroidered velvet cushions at dirt rate prices after some heavy duty haggling with the hawker. You can also lay your hands on some exquisitely embroidered tussar silk and delicately carved silver jewelry.

Women will probably go berserk taking in the Bhopal handicrafts that consist of handmade beautiful velvet purses, embroidered dress material including sarees, traditional and colourful jewelry such as armlets and cummerbandhs. Carry plenty of cash with you or you would regret your decision of leaving the market empty handed. However, don’t forget to bargain as much as possible or you may feel cheated at the end of it all.




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