Birla Mandir (Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Museum), Bhopal

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The Birla Mandir in Bhopal is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi and her consort Lord Vishnu. The temple is built on top of the Arera Hills and the temple boasts of being the highest point in the whole of Bhopal District.

The temple is situated in a hilly terrain, but the path leading to the temple is well built and has a comfortable climb. From the temple one can take in the view of the entire city. Inside the temple are beautiful shrines dedicated to Lakshmi and Vishnu but apart from these there is also the shrine of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. And many devotees throng to the temple each day to offer prayers to their gods and goddesses.

Inside the Birla Mandir is an interesting museum that houses an envious collection of sculptures that belong to the 12th century. You will find plenty of history buffs visiting the museum and the place is also a favourite among school children.


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