Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

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Bharat Bhavan is a multi art centre that caters to verbal, performing and visual arts and is considered to be the hub of all art related activities in Bhopal. Even if you are not keen on performing arts, a visit to this centre of excellence is a must simply because of the unique design that the place boasts of.

The building is designed to sync with the landscape that surrounds it, which also gives the place the illusion of spaciousness. Each year, the Bharat Bhavan attracts plenty of tourists and it remains a sought-after destination.

In the Bharat Bhavan vocal, performing and visual arts are encouraged and the place remains the best stage for expressing and creating both new and old art forms. Bharat Bhavan also houses a tribal museum where one can get a deeper insight into the tribes of Madhya Pradesh and many other states by studying their art and craft through paintings and sculptures.

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