Aquarium, Bhopal

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The Aquarium in Bhopal lies close to the Raj Bhavan and the old assembly hall. It was opened for public viewing in 1977 and houses a variety of Indian as well as exotic fishes. The place is a must visit for people with kids.

The aquarium consists of two storeys; the upper storey has 40 glass aquariums that are home to many fishes including the Golden Shark, the Rosy Barb, the Golden Plata, the Golden Gormi, the Paradise blue, the King Kobra, the King Zebra, the Black Moor and the Tiger Barb to name a few.

The lower part of the aquarium has 26 large aquariums that are home to many fishes from other states; some have been brought from lakes while others are from ponds and rivers. Commonly well known among these are Rohu, Collet, Katla, Padin, Sawal, Ticto, Bam Fish, Mirgal and Pencil-Fira. The aquarium remains open from April to Sept and from October to March though the timings vary during the two seasons.


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