Nileswaram, Bekal

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Nileswaram is located 12 km away from Bekal. The word Nileswaram is abbreviated form of the words ‘Nilakanta’ and ‘Iswar’. This place was the kingdom of the Nileswaram Rajas in ancient times. The place is considered as the cultural hub.

The main attraction of this place is the palace. This palace is considered to be the folklore foundation for the Department of Archaeology. Moreover, the town of Nileswaram is famous for its various shrines, known as kavus and temple fiestas.

You can visit this yoga and cultural centre to undergo a rejuvenation therapy as well as naturopathy treatments such as herbal baths and mud baths. The Western Ghats in the eastern boundary, Lakshadweep in the west, Kasaragod in the north and Wayanad and Kozhikode districts in the southern boundary make Nileswaram infused with the bounty of nature. You can explore the enticing backwaters and deltas too.

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