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Nithyanandashram Caves, Bekal

Nityanandashram was founded by the infamous Swami Nityananda. The ashram stands imposingly on a hillock which is about 500 m south of the Hosadurga town. This place used to be a forest, and the Swami constructed 45 caves from a single laterite stone. The caves lie very close to the Hosadurga Fort. These caves are a wonder to all and especially to the engineering world till date.

They are great crowd-pullers and thousands of people come every year from all parts of the world to see them. Nithyanandashram is the ideal place of meditation and the Swami himself used to sit in these caves and meditate. One of the attractions of the Nithyanandashram is a full-size statue of the Swami in a sitting posture. This statue is made of panchaloha.

The Nithyanandashram is located 27 km away from Kasaragod. This ashram is accredited as a widely renowned international spiritual centre. Do not ignore the caves when you pay a visit to Bekal.

Nithyanandashram Caves Photos