Malik Deenar Mosque, Bekal

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Malik Deenar Mosque, formally called the Malik Deenar Grand Juma Masjid, was built by Malik Ibn Dinar at Thalankara. It was originally built in around 642 AD, and the mosque was reconstructed in 1809. This is one of the ancient and historic Mosques of India.

The Mosque houses the tomb of Malik Ibn Mohammed who is a descendant of Malik Ibn Dinar. This place is a holy place for the Muslims. This ancient mosque was built in typical Malabar style.

It is believed that Malik Ibn Dinar reached Kasargod to spread Islam. The then ruler of Kasargod, Emperor Cheraman Perumal was influenced by Islam and later converted to the religion. During the celebrations of the Uroos Festival, the mosque is visited by many tourists and devotees.

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