Infosys Campus, Bangalore

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The sprawling Hi-tech campus of Infosys in Bangalore is in fact an architectural beauty you'd love to see. It is situated at Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bangalore. The campus built across 81 acres, dazzles those who love watching vibrant style of architecture. Infosys has been synonymous with Bangalore for almost three decades now. The most attractive of the Infosys campus is the glass pyramid structure building. More than 6000 trees and plants cast an enviable cover of greenery amidst the campus.

In addition to a centrally controlled AC system, the building uses Venturi effect to keep the interiors cool. Infosys campus in Bangalore is even considered as India's answer to the Silicon Valley, USA. More than 30.000 employees work in the campus. The unique construction of campus was done to give the employees a sense of being at home instead of shedding the working hours in an enormously large conventional corporate building. You'd never miss watching Infosys campus because it's along the way when you travel via Hosur road up to the expressway.

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