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  • 01Lampokhari Lake

    Lampokhari Lake

    The Lampokhari Lake is located near Rhenock and takes a three hours' drive from Gangtok. Those who wish to stay in peaceful environs for a night or two have the option to stay at the trekkers' huts or the lodges provided near the lake. One can also pay a visit to the nearby Lingsay Monastery and the Mankhim Temple.

    A short trek can be taken around Aritar. There is a British-built bungalow located half a kilometer away from Aritar, which is also a place for the tourists to explore.

    The Lampokhari Lake is one of the oldest natural lakes in Sikkim. It is located at an altitude of 4600 ft above sea level. The lake was recently renovated to provide boating facilities for tourists. The Lampokhari Lake is also called the Aritar Lake among the natives of Sikkim. This is, in fact, the only lake that provides paddle boating facilities in Sikkim.

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  • 02Aritar Gumpa

    Aritar Gumpa

    Aritar Gumpa is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, which belongs to the Kagyuapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery is known for its beautiful architecture and collection of artifacts, murals, and other paintings. It also contains various ancient manuscripts.

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  • 03Kali Khola Falls

    Kali Khola Falls

    The Kali Khola Falls or the Loney Falls is located at the Rorathang-Rongli road and is about 100 m high. This is one of the suggested attractions of Aritar.

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  • 04Mankhim Temple

    Mankhim Temple

    The Mankhim Temple is located at the Maity Village in Aritar. The temple is of Rai origin, the people of which clan believe in the worship of nature. The temple is known for the rocks that surround the temple which have the footprints of elephants on them.

    The Rai community assembles at the temple twice a year for celebrating 'Sakew', a particular day fixed for worship. This day normally falls in April or May. The 'Sakewa puja' is done when the seeds sown by the tribes in the fields grow and bloom.

    The celebration includes dancing and singing. The dance is known as 'Silli', which includes imitating the moves of the birds in the region during migration. The celebration may take as long as a month, depending on the region to which the family members have been scattered. The instruments used during the festival include dhol (dhela), jyamta, bow and arrow, etc. No one is allowed to play any musical instrument until the harvest festival is performed. This usually happens in August or September.

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  • 05Parbateshwar Shivalaya Mandir

    Parbateshwar Shivalaya Mandir

    This Parbateshwar Shivalaya Mandir is a famous pilgrimage site in Sikkim. The principle deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. The season of 'Sawan' or monsoon is the time when the devotees flock to this temple with offerings to Lord Shiva.

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  • 06Nirmal Dham

    Nirmal Dham

    Nirmal Dham is located about 5 km from Rhenock Bazar and is the home of Nirmal Guruji (Kopchey Baba) who is known to have magical powers and can heal people. Devotees from India and the neighbouring countries visit this place very often.

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  • 07Changey Waterfall

    Changey Waterfall

    The Changey Waterfalls are located near the famous Lampokhari Lake. The waterfalls offer beautiful views of its surroundings and are at a height of 50 m. It is located 10 km away from Pelling.

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  • 08Lungchok Valley

    Lungchok Valley

    The Lungchok valley is located near Lokdara, Chujachen. The valley is a known trekking site and also famous for the breathtaking views of its surroundings.

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  • 09Evergreen Nursery And Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya

    Evergreen Nursery And Ram Gauri Sangrahalaya

    This is a privately owned nursery, which is known for its collection of wood and horticultural plants. Evergreen nursery and Ram Gauri Sangrhalaya is located at the Rhenock Bazar near Aritar. The nursery was established in the year 1970.

    It is known for its various exhibits that include artistic stones, rare manuscripts, philately stamps and driftwood.

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  • 10Phushrey Lake

    Phushrey Lake

    The Phushrey Lake is situated just a few kilometres away from Aritar and is best known for its wild orchids and various species of butterflies and other animals like the red panda and peasant.

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