Mankhim Temple, Aritar

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The Mankhim Temple is located at the Maity Village in Aritar. The temple is of Rai origin who believes in the worship of nature. The temple is known for the rocks that surround the temple which have the footprints of elephants on them.

The Rai community assembles at the temple twice a year for celebrating 'Sakew', a particular day fixed for worship. This day normally falls in April or May. The 'Sakewa puja' is done when the seeds sown by the tribes in the fields grow and bloom.

The celebration includes dancing and singing. The dance is known as 'Silli' which includes imitating the moves of the birds in the region during migration. The celebration may take as long as a month depending on the region to which the family members have been scattered. The instruments used during the festival include dhol (dhela), jyamta, bow and arrow, etc. No one is allowed to play any musical instrument until the harvest festival is performed. This usually happens in August or September.




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