Ber Baba Buddha, Amritsar

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Ber Baba Buddha is one of the three sacred trees located within the Golden Temple precincts, Lachi Ber and Dukh-Bhanjani Ber being the other two. Standing on the northern bank of Amrit Sarovar, this jujube tree is named after one of the most revered Sikh saints, Baba Buddha. It is believed that Baba Buddha used to sit in the shade of umbrella-like leafy branches of this tree while supervising the excavation of the tank.

For his zeal and devotion, Baba Buddha was appointed Granthi by Guru Arjan Dev Ji when the sacred Adi Granth was first installed in Harmandir Sahib in 1604. The first high priest of the Golden Temple, Baba Buddha passed his last days in Ram Das village, now home to the Ber Baba Buddha Sahib. Set right in front of the Golden Temple, Ber Baba Buddha completes the visit to the shrine and is thus a must visit.

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