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Amaravathi Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Amaravathi

  • 01Amaravati Stupa

    Amaravati Stupa, also known as Mahachaitya, is one of the chief attractions of Amaravathi. It was initially built during the times of Emperor Ashoka who was a great follower of Lord Buddha and had embraced Buddhism during his later years. The work on the stupa was completed by the year 200 CE and the carvings on the stupa depicted the life story of Buddha and his teachings. When Amaravathi became the capital of the Satavahana kings, the stupa was decorated with limestone reliefs and freestanding figures of Buddha were carved on to it. However, with the decline of Buddhism, the stupa also got neglected and was found buried by Colonel Colin Mackenzie, who visited the site in 1796 CE. Once the excavation work started, many other sculptures which once formed the constituent parts of the stupa were also unearthed. Today, the stupa is the only example of an Ashokan pillar to have been found in the whole of South India.

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  • 02Archaeological Museum

    Archaeological Museum at Amaravathi is located on the right side of the river Krishna. The museum has a lot of importance for the people of Amaravathi as it helps outsiders understand their history, culture and traditions of the region. The museum is important for the history of Indian art as well since the museum showcases the immense wealth of Amaravathi in the form of historical pieces of art and crafts. The Buddha sculptures that are displayed in the museum date back to the beginning of the 3rd century. Then there are the pieces taken from the tradition of Amaravathi - the lotus and the purnakumbha motifs that give Amaravathi its traditional identity. They are also symbols of the good times and wealth for the people of Amaravathi. The museum has pieces taken from historical times that have become synonymous with the existence of Amaravathi. A tourist can get so much information by visiting the museum that he/she may not be able to get through numerous history books.


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  • 03River Krishna Bank

    River Krishna Bank

    River Krishna Bank at Amaravathi is a splendid water getaway situated on the banks of river Krishna as the name already suggests. The town of Amaravathi has been built on the banks of river Krishna and thus, the river holds plenty of importance for the people of the town. It is a well-known fact that the major human civilisations were established on the banks of great rivers so that the elixir of life, water, would not be denied to the people. River Krishna has been the elixir of life and much more to the people of Amaravathi.

    The town has been in existence from before the time of Christ and for all these centuries river Krishna has played a significant role in sustaining life in the town. The value of the river has in no way decreased with the passage of time. It still remains the most valuable asset of the town of Amaravathi and attracts visitors all seasons of the year.

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