River Krishna Bank, Amaravathi

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River Krishna Bank at Amaravathi is a splendid water getaway situated on the banks of the river Krishna as the name already suggests. The town of Amaravathi has been built on the banks of River Krishna and thus, the river holds plenty of importance for the people of the town. It is a well known fact that the major human civilizations were established on the banks of great rivers so that the elixir of life, water, would not be denied to the people. River Krishna has been the elixir of life and much more to the people of Amaravathi.

The town has been in existence from before the time of Christ, and all these centuries River Krishna has played a significant role in sustaining life in the town. The value of the river has in no way decreased with the passage of time. It still remains the most valuable asset of the town of Amaravathi and attracts visitors all seasons of the year.


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