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Hyderabad, India 29 ℃ Haze
Wind: 0 from the N Humidity: 75% Pressure: 1011 mb Cloud Cover: 50%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Tuesday 26 Sep 26 ℃ 78 ℉ 32 ℃90 ℉
Wednesday 27 Sep 25 ℃ 78 ℉ 31 ℃88 ℉
Thursday 28 Sep 25 ℃ 77 ℉ 32 ℃90 ℉
Friday 29 Sep 25 ℃ 76 ℉ 32 ℃89 ℉
Saturday 30 Sep 25 ℃ 78 ℉ 33 ℃92 ℉

The best time to visit Amaravathi is from October to February when the temperature has gone down, and the weather has become tolerable and pleasant. December and January are the times when lot of tourists flock to the town because the winter sun is not harsh nor is the weather cold.


Amaravathi is not the best place to visit during the months of summer. Summers can be extremely hot and dry in the region. The scorching sun can cause dehydration as well as heat stroke. The maximum temperature goes up to 45 degrees during the summer months of March, April, May, June and July.


Monsoon visits Amaravathi in the month of July and continues through August and September. The months of October and November also experience light showers owing to Northeast monsoons. The area receives moderate amount of rainfall though the temperature falls down to about 32 degrees cellists when it rains in the region. The place is likely to experience thunderstorms as well during the monsoons.


Winter at Amaravathi begins in the month of November and lasts through December, January and February. The weather improves during the winter months, and the place turns cooler. However, the weather never becomes cold or chilly. The temperature drops down to 25 degrees Celsius making it enjoyable to go sightseeing.