Archaeological Museum, Amaravathi

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Archaeological museum at Amaravathi is located on the right side of the river Krishna. The museum has a lot of importance for the people of Amaravathi as it helps outsiders understand their history, and culture and traditions of the region. The museum is important for the history of Indian Art as well since the museum showcases the immense wealth of Amaravathi in the form of historical pieces of art and crafts. The Buddha sculptures that are displayed in the museum date back to the beginning of the 3rd century. Then there are the pieces taken from the tradition of Amaravathi; the lotus and the purnakumbha motifs that give Amaravathi its traditional identity. They are also symbols of the good times and wealth for the people of Amaravathi. The museum has pieces taken from historical times that have become synonymous with the existence of Amaravathi. A tourist can get so much information by visiting the museum that he/she may not be able to get through numerous history books.


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