Temple of Manjushri, Alchi

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Temple of Manjushri, popularly known as the Jampe La-khang, is situated in proximity to Lotsawa La-khang in Alchi. The history of this temple dates back to 12th century. The temple is square in shape and enshrines four idols of Manjushri, a 'bodhisattava' or 'enlightenment-being' associated with transcendent wisdom. All the four idols of Manjushri have one head and four arms each.

Each of the idols is decorated with a bow, an arrow, a book, and a sword and is seated on a lion throne. 'Seven Jewels' as well as 'Eight Suspicious Symbols' are represented at the base of the throne. The idol is adorned with jewellery and a crown. The walls of the temple all have images of Buddha while the image of the main deity, Manjushri, is shown on central wall. The figures of Amitabha, or the Buddha of infinite light, can be seen on the right side of the side walls while the images of Akshobhya, the immovable one, can be seen on the left side.

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