Du-khang, Alchi

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Du-khang or the Assembly Hall is situated in the middle of the complex of the Alchi monastery. It is the most ancient and largest structure within the monastery where several ceremonies are organised by the monks. A number of additions were made to it in the 12th and 13th century. About 1,000 frescoes of Buddha are painted in the corridors of the temple. The outer gate of the temple holds a Mahakal, a stone representation of the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva, and the 'bhavacakra' or 'Wheel of Life' which is the symbolic representation of the samsara or cyclic existence.

The temple walls showcase the Panch Tathgats. Vairochana, the celestial Buddha, is the prime deity of this temple. The Panch Tathgats, painted with six types of 'mandalas' or Buddhist sacred art, surround this deity. These 'mandals' are positioned around many paintings of Buddha, the guardian of dharmas, 'bodhisattvas', and other divinities.

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