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Sundarvan, Ahmedabad


Sundarvan is basically a project of Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Ahmedabad. It’s a mini zoo meant for spreading animal awareness amongst children and youth. Different types of Nature Awareness and Environmental Education programmes are regularly conducted to impart knowledge and create environmental awareness within the ever inquisitive youths.

Filled with bamboo shoots and banyan trees, it is a place where otherwise harmless animals are allowed to lead a free life. Even snakes are brought out from their cages during the Sunday shows. Snakes like the Russel's viper, red sand boa and the Indian cobra can be found in this facility.

Sometimes even the left out snake skin can also be found lying somewhere. Other animals found in this zoo are tortoise, marsh crocodile, porcupine, a small aquarium full of water creatures and a bird section with birds like peacock, pheasant crow etc.