Shreyas Folk Museum, Ahmedabad

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This museum is a tribute to the folk art of Gujarat. Different communities in Gujarat have different schools of folk art and all these art forms are displayed in this museum. Colourful embroidery with glass, metal work, wood carving, leather work, bead work, costumes, utensils, animal decorations, decorated household objects are all exhibited in this museum. These craft works are mainly done by Gujarati women and the museum pays homage to that tradition that is still present and revered by one and all. Photographs and texts are also displayed along with the exhibits to give the visitor a better perception about the materials displayed. Within the museum site there is another museum named the Kalpana Mangaldas Children's Museum (Performing Arts Museum).

This museum displays a collection of puppets, drama and dance costumes, coins and records of traditional music. The best display here is a 3.19m high full elephant skeleton.

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