Sarkhej Roza, Ahmedabad

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Sarkhej Roza is one of the most important roza complexes consisting of mosques, burials and palaces in Gujarat. Located in Sarkej, 7Kms from Ahmedabad, this construction of this complex was initiated by Sultan Mohammed Shah continued by Qutubuddin Ahmed Shah but ultimately completed with all its embellishments by Mahmud Begda. Upon the death of Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh, a Sufi saint Sultan Mohammed Shah built a mosque and a mausoleum in his memory. Later Mahmud Begda expanded the complex by adding a summer palace, doing some addition to the central tank, building pavilions, a small private mosque and later his, his son's and his queen's tomb were also built here.

The characteristics of the structure is, its blend of Islamic, Hindu and Jain styles, quite like the other contemporary monuments . The domes, pillars and brackets follow the Islamic style while the ornamentation and motifs belong to the Hindu styles. Most of the structures here are not supported by arches but the stones are interwoven for stability.

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