Mahudi Tirth, Ahmedabad

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Mahudi Tirth is one of the most sacred temples of the Jains. This place was called as Madhumati in ancient times and 2000 years old excavational evidence has proved its existence.

Acharyadev Buddhi Sagarsurisvarji initiated the construction of the temple after a period of penance. The idol here is of Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev, in the form of his previous incarnation of Kshatriya king Tungabhadra and bears the bow and arrow of the king. People from different religious background believe that this idol has miraculous powers of fulfilling all personal and spiritual needs and so thousands of devotees gather here to offer, donate or consume “Sukhadi”, which is supposed to be his favourite food.

There is 30 feet high bell next to the temple which the devotees climb and ring in order to fulfill their wishes. Acharyadev Buddhi Sagarsurisvarji also installed an idol of Bhagawan Padmaprabhu, 22 inches tall and made of marble, close to the main temple. It is a ritual that the devotees take a bhoomti or walk around the shrines of the 24 tirthankaras.

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