Jhulta Minara, Ahmedabad

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Jhulta Minara are two pairs of Shaking Minarets, one situated within Sidi Bashir Mosque opposite the Sarangpur Darwaja and the other in Raj Bibi Mosque opposite to Ahmedabad Railway Station. The uniqueness of these pairs of Minarets is that when one Minaret of any pair is shaken, in a few seconds interval the other minaret of that pair shakes while the passage connecting the two remains undisturbed. The Minarets of the Sidi Bashir mosque are three storeyed with balconies decorated by stone carvings and is believed to be built by Sidi Bashir, a servant of Sultan Ahmed Shah. The actual reason for this vibration is unknown and in an endeavour to uncover the mystery behind its engineering, the British disintegrated some parts of the Minaret close to the Station but was unable to assemble back to its previous state. These Minarets are now not allowed for climbing for the visitors but they still remain a center of interest to the tourists.

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